I rarely look forward to an ending but this one is where I would want to look forward to an ending. Because it is beautiful, it is a good memory with a good friend.

I haven’t published it in a while, was waiting for something special to happen, and then his birthday came up and I had to sum it all up and put up with all emotions and memories and tears and here you go. Cry with me, see magic, feel it, and tell me how are you.

Adele, we need to do it again, yes?


Magic for me is something which you can understand, and something which you can feel, but, at the same time, it is something that you can never hold on to.

I write and I express, it feels so real, the smiles, the passion and then all of a sudden you feel as if the whole godforsaken atlantic now stands between you, is this not enough a reason to have faith?

Carry on as you are

You are on the right path 


When you say no to someone, you say no to a future you might have had.

“When the night has come and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light …”

– Imagine Dragons

“No I won’t be afraid, I won’t be afraid, as long as you stand by me… “

-Imagine Dragons

The night falls and my heart knocks on the glass window, asking me that it cannot breathe and I shall do something about it, but I do know for sure that I cannot do anything.

Why is that?

You do not need much, a horse, a dog, a wooden house, a beautiful women, a few sunsets and that is it. But that is me right? or is it not?

Who decides what is right?

The idea falls upon you to know and decide what it is for you. Let me take you on a journey of abstract ideas because it is solely important for everyone to put his idea into the world for it to become a better place.

Let us start with the moments when you feel wild like a lion roaring out life into the open sky. Those moments of epiphany and zen and bliss.

You know what I am talking about right?

Those moments where you hit the keys so hard and you drum so hard that it is about to break, you know there is a thing with musicians right?

Those musicians who drum it so hard, that they make the world go round and round.

I am one of them, but not with the “one” at the same time.

If someone loves you enough, won’t you do anything to get them?

If someone loves you enough, won’t they do anything to get you?

There, you have your answer.

If you ever want to hold people and not let them go away, that is the time they will go away. What kind of assurances are you looking for when your own life is not of any guarantee?

You need to understand when people are angry, isn’t it so?

Why and how can you love someone completely if you do not accept their anger just as you would be accepting their love?

There is magic in living intensely when you sing loudly in a car and your friends can enjoy the rush in your veins and the car swaying around and the flashing lights which all makes it look like a winter wonderland for one second and changes to a dreamland which you would have never wanted to be in.

Value time, value it as if you would value anything else, why do humans need that push?

Fellow Earthlings, I have a proclamation.

It is so painful as not to be given what you wanted, it is so painful that words are not enough in the utmost sense, hence we need empathy.

We need a world more understanding of each other, more careful of each other.

Imagine a road leading to nowhere, a car, a full moon, your best friend, and a starry sky, at that moment some people want their life to end because there is so much beauty at that moment, too much of beauty and too much of sadness, either way, it is bad.

Let me take you through my years and show you what humans need to be like and what they have forgotten, I lived with people and hence here I am, just like a flower who needs water.

When you feel something as strong as something I did, that is the time you want the earth to listen to it. Time, is what makes me bow down to God, he is what makes it all clear for us to see. In my tender age and during the two or more decades I have been on this planet I have learned that no matter how much you hold onto something it eventually goes away.

There are times when the sun would come and ask permission and the day would change and the ferries would rumble and the hustle and the bustle of the city would begin.

You know there are some songs to which you both get fixated to and your eyes just get locked onto one another and the world seems to stop. The night sky, the rain, the lake, the clouds, the vapour, the fog and everything seemed to come together.

It is magical if you want it to be magical, it is beautiful if you want it to be beautiful.

If not for beauty or magic, it would turn into the worst kind of pain that human kind has ever experienced.

I would want to say, I am not sad it is over, but, I am happy that it happened.

However, I would say, I am sad it is over, but I am happy it happened.

I would repeat it once more, I am happy it happened, but I am sad it is over.

Without people, someone said:

“paradise won’t be paradise and people would prefer hell over anything else.”

“A cursed heart is better than an empty one”

-Yasmine Jamal Hajar

The perfect song, the perfect woman, the perfect car, the perfect scenery, the perfect moon, and the starry sky, could life get any better?

Gratitude, prayers, flowers, and love

“Look at the stars as they shine for you”

 There are 21,400 times I blink my eye, each time I think of someone else, that way, I remember all of you one by one during the day. But that someone else is just one, I only have one person to think about, and that is me, am I selfish? No, I am not. Maybe I am?

Maybe I lied? Does it matter?

Who decides what is right?

Life is but a short carnival that I am lost in. 
Come join me and let us get lost in it together. 

Good Day 


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