Home ?

3000 Km of Unadulterated pleasure

Will you forgive me for that ?

As the night descends upon the sky, you have been thinking about the meaning of life?

Haven’t you?

It’s funny because the ones before you did the same.

The ones after you will do the same.

You want to conquer the world?

You want to be the lion of the jungle?

Then what?

 What comes after that?

What will satisfy you?

You shouldn’t feel alone.

I will tell you why

Yes, those two angels, the one on your right and the one on your left, they will tell you what to do.

Things change, but you don’t need to.

But! What if I tell you the essence of existence.

Deep down you might know that interaction is the only thing that matters.

You know that right?

Don’t you?

Life is to be lived,

 it’s not that simple.

There’s a time when you sit and think that nothing matters, that time is now.



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