She buried her face deep into his chest while the bullets pierced his back like shattered glass but he smiled. He smiled all the way as she hugged him like she never did before. He could have used her as a human shield, but he didn’t.

It is beautiful, isn’t it?

You get afraid when you start to feel the air around you because that’s what you are “meant” to do but not “trained” for.

You get afraid when you stop for a second to “admire” the way a tree established it’s control over the land because that’s what you are “meant” to do but not “trained” for.

Did I just repeat something twice?

I did.

You will walk alone.

Yes, how many times have you ever noticed the door which you use to come in just now?

Not even once, am I wrong?

You used your hand to open the door. It was your hand, not anyone else’s. The girl who walks beside you is perhaps the most beautiful one you will ever come across; she is perhaps the most beautiful one you will ever get to know in your meaningless existence.

You sleep alone, don’t you?

You came alone and you will go alone, tell me if I’m wrong?

I am wrong

I wish I was, but am I?

Did you not realize the hand on your shoulder when you walked past my grave?

Don’t you ever both to sit back and think the way time slips by your hand just like fine sand?

Have you done anything to stop it?

A dog once used to sit near a mosque. That same dog took a job as a tailor’s assistant.

The warmth of her hand on your shoulder, did you just take that for granted?

You shouldn’t have done that. The hot water sliding down your back and the tickle down your spine to your knees, did you also take that for granted?

 The little things are the ones that matter the most and I am sure you’ve heard this a lot but never bothered. Well, now you might because it is not true.

If you do not believe in the existence of God, then who do you turn to in sickness and health?

The Doctor?

It’s simple, isn’t it?

What questions do you ask when the ground beneath your feet is pulled?

Who do you turn to when you have to watch your dad suffer on his deathbed?

There has to be someone, isn’t it?

Someone who will always be there, tell me if I’m wrong?

Everyone perceives differently. We do not understand the real essence of things and do not understand matters as they are. Why not read more and give our brains the dignity they deserve?

Have you ever noticed when you are “literally” dead tired and all you care about is where to put your head and off you’ll fly off to that world you do not know?

Is it the lap of the girl you miss or the sleep itself? You remember when you used to put your head on his heaving chest just so you can feel that heart beat?

The sleep matters or the mattress itself? You don’t get it, do you?

What I just said is beautiful, isn’t it?

Park your car in that corner and just stop for a while.

Listen, listen to me when I say this but you and I have a very different life, the difference itself makes it worth living. Yes, every second of it.

You are scared of being helpless, aren’t you not? That is the case right, isn’t it?

You were born and you had absolutely no control as to what was being done to you and you had no clue they will give you the name which you won’t like?

You were helpless, were you not?

You see some people, they get to wake up and they work hard and their day ends.

“They work very hard to end their day”

You know how it feels when your lover is riding behind and  you can feel those cold hands tightening around you?

No matter what comes your way, would you care?

Trust me it’s beautiful when that water splashes over your face.

I Just woke up.

If you could just see where I am sitting right now. It’s actually a conservatory, you know these glass walls and all? The sun is about to come up, I’ve spent the night writing this piece.

While you walk, do you see the way your legs keep pushing the ground beneath you?

Don’t you feel the vision you have is beautiful? What if you close your eyes?

It all goes black, am I wrong?

What if I tell you that’s permanent? You’ll be scared right?

He starved himself to death as he walked and walked along the beaten path just to find his lost dog. You know he loved his dog a lot. You won’t understand, but you can try, will you?

There’s this cat watching me always whenever I pass by this mansion. I don’t know why but it creeps me out whenever she does that.

Do you complain about humanity? You don’t need to worry about any one else but just feel your own sweat and breathe that stink when you look down that chest of yours.

 It’s dirty, but it’s necessary. You don’t believe me, do you?

Love and you’ll live long amongst “others” after those “ants” take away that flesh.

You’re tired of yourself living in the same brick and mortar and that’s why you take to the woods?

Don’t you?

Ask a prisoner how it feels when he can’t go out to his favourite restaurant for that cognac he loved so much.

You are free but you’re still sad?

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?



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